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4 Types of Beauty – find your own!

Which one is your type?

Beauty is like the weather. We always have it. Independently if it is bad or good. As many women – so many types of beauty. But there are some general rules that allow us to determine, what is your type of beauty.

People always try to systematize everything, classify to the appropriate, finite group. No matter if it goes about marital status, money or education. Everything can be the subject of scientific debate. And the same situation is with… beauty of humans. According to Dwyn Larson we can enumerate 4 basic beauty types, 4 balanced and 6 combinations of them – and it means that we can describe 12 beauty types. In this article we will take a closer look to the 4 basic beauty types.

1. Dramatic (tall types of beauty: T)

type of beautyAppearance: wedge haircuts or long hair and also waves but not curls! In makeup: deeper neutral colours.
Face: straight eyebrows, narrow eyes (mysterious eyes), long nose, wide mouth, narrow lips
Personality: fun-loving, not much focused on the details.
Outfit: flared or straight skirts,  look for cuffs to decrease optically long arms and / or legs. Ideal will be here same colors for top and the bottom of the outfit. That kind of silhouette looks also good in thigh length jacket and mid calf length skirts. When it goes about. Necklines Рfor sure all the V-necks, square, turtlenecks will be applicable. According to the sleeves: long, 3/4; short sleeves just above elbow Рwork well with that silhouette.
Jewelry and accessories: the best size here is medium to large and with angular designs. Bags, shoes, belts are also medium to large and shouldn’t contrast very much with outfit.

2. Natural (top-heavy types of beauty: A)

type of beautyAppearance: typically – short, casual, windblown haircuts. In makeup: lighter neutrals in all four color seasons.
Face: arched eyebrows, average size eyes, wide set eyes, wide nose, full lips, soft center line
Personality: style here is discreet in contrast to the assertive personality.
Outfit: in a nutshell – dominated by simplicity and easy lines. This type of beauty goes well with no-button jackets and straight dresses. The fewer the details – the better for your look. Knee length skirts (in case of shorter) and ankle length skirts in case of longer.
Jewelry and accessories: rounded edges, simple design, no heavy elements. Sizes – medium to large, metal, natural materials. Simple bags, belts and shoes also with rounded edges.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Coco Chanel

3. Romantic (bottom-heavy types of beauty: G)

type of beautyAppearance: about haircuts Рthe best options  will be here medium to long, curled and fluffy. Makeup: better will be here lighter colors.
Face: small curved eyebrows, small rounded eyes (doll’s eyes), small nose, small mouth, straight or reversed center line.
Personality: style is here compatible with personality – it is totally feminine. And both of them shouldn’t be overdone.
Outfit: style should be soft and what’s more – you can also afford sweet details like e.g.: laces and ribbons.
Puffed sleeves, round or sweetheart necklines – this is your style! Your dresses should have fitted but not tight bodice. This type of beauty looks good also in the high empire waist dresses. Outfit: blouse and skirt or pants should be in the same or in close colour. Suit jackets should be short and fitted (but of course – not too tight!). And what is very important here – flowered prints are dedicated for you! :)
Jewelry and accessories: rounded, small to medium. Jewelry: ornate and flower designs (as in outfit). Bags, shoes, belts should be related to the outfit.

4. Gamin (short types of beauty: P)

Appearance: typically – haircuts here are short, feathered around face. Makeup: deeper colors, basically in the four color seasons.
Face: winged eyebrows, very large eyes, delicate nose and small mouth, curvy center line.
Personality: style is lively in contrast to the peace-loving personality.
Outfit: here dominate contrasting details. Regarding the colours – tops should be in high contrast with the bottoms. For this type of beauty – exaggeration is nothing bad, such as shrunken or oversized jackets – that suits you well.
Jewelry and accessories: here dominate smaller size and angular edges. Jewelry: small, metal. High contrast bags, shoes, belts.

And how do you think? What is your type of beauty? Which of these types suit to you and which are completely different?

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