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Idea For Life?

Do you know busking? We are pretty sure that you saw buskers at least once in your lifetime. Didn’t you?

Busking becomes more and more popular – especially in big cities, tourist resorts etc. And what is the essence of this phenomenon? It is kind of street performances and thanks to that formula – it engages not only the busker (who can be any artist: a painter, singer, drummer, etc.), but what is here probably the<h3> most important – it engages passersby.
Busking can be kind of art, but it can be also an idea for making money – and sometimes also… for having a freaky occupation 😉

1. Singer

One of the most popular busking bands is Dub Fx. It is well known internationally and makes not only street performances, but also gig in smaller and bigger concert-rooms. Watch one of the performances:

2. Drummer

And here – we have bucket drummer from Australia (Sydney). He plays drums and buckets on the streets around Sydney, but you can also find him on the parties and events. Amazing performance! 😉

You can find Gordo also on Facebook :)

3. Painters

New York City Spray Paint Art

Joel Chavez – it is unbelievable that his it takes him less than 10 minutes – to create such work of art, when he is using only three things (actually four :) ): spray paint, a painters knife, paper and… his great talent!

Who  is your favourite busker? :)

More artists (not only buskers) you can find also here :)

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