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Cruel cosmetics

Why you should at least try to avoid them?

Can you imagine any cosmetics that could be “cruel” for human? Probably not, because all of them should be tested. And sometimes they are tested – on animals. Is it necessary?

At the beginning€“ ask yourself a few questions: have you ever wondered, how do you choose your shower gel, moisturizing cream or a toothpaste? What is the most important for you, when you stay in front of the shop shelf in the chemist or in the supermarket? Price? Colour of the bottle? Smell? Capacity? Or maybe you used to buy brands that you already know? And maybe… You read the labels on the cosmetics? After reading this article you will be sure, why this is so important! :)

Price is quality

cosmeticsIn all probability you are familiar with the statement above. And usually it should be first warning for you. When cosmetics are really cheap, you have to check, why is that. And things that you can verify easily, are: packaging (if it is not defective), expiry date (if it is not out-of-date) and… the label. From the business point of view -€“ production of the cheap cosmetics has to be cheap just to be cost effective. And sometimes label can tell you more than you could even imagine.

The devil’€™s in the detail

Take your favourite cosmetic and read the label. Probably you will say that it is pointless because there are many Latin words that you don’t understand anyway. And here you are wrong!

Check if your cosmetics contains e.g.: SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), parabens, silicones. If you will find them you can be pretty sure that this is not organic product. And also check out cosmetics of the most popular brands. You can be surprised with the results of your research. Fortunately we are not doomed to harmful (and sometimes even toxic) cosmetics.

Natural products

If you think that you can’t afford natural cosmetics, because they are too expensive you are wrong. And also€“ if you think that natural cosmetics can’t smell wonderful you are also wrong.
You have to keep in mind that not only cosmetics can be healthy and natural. It is important here to see the wider perspective. Nowadays you can choose also natural food, supplements, cleaning products. For sure you will see the difference. Not only in your health, but (what can be even more important) in your mind.

Cruelty free cosmetics?

cosmeticsAnd you might ponder, what does it exactly mean that the product is cruelty free. Here is the answer! First of all it is free from animal testing. If the fate of animals is not indifferent for you – you will love these products.
These products are also free from synthetic additives, artificial preservatives, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. And what does it mean for you? They are produced exclusively from natural ingredients, without harmful chemistry and allergens. They can be used by children and adults.

Where to begin?

Start your adventure with natural and cruelty free products right now. You don’t have to even go out of home – there are plenty of e-shops that you can visit and compare their offer and prices.

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