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Liquify Your Medication

Thanks to homemade tinctures

Not every medicine has to be bitter and obnoxious. And for sure they can be edible and tasty – especially when you will prepare it in form of tincture – by your own hands.

Tinctures are alcoholic extracts – that can be used as medicine. Of course – you can go to the pharmacy and buy conventional treatment, but sometimes it sounds (and tastes) better for you – to use something different… And maybe it will be good idea for you to use tinctures – of course depending on your aches and pains that you have to strive with 😉 Here we present bunch of ideas for your inspiration.

1. Tincture from cranberries

tincturesSince ages – cranberries were used for cooking scrumptious sauces to the wild meat and turkey. It is also used as the medicine for every kind of urinary system diseases and skin problems. Its healing property is well known since XIX century.
Cranberry tincture for sure isn’t for impatient people and for all those who’d like to see the results very quickly. Everything that because of the time (6 weeks) that you have to wait for the beverage – until it will be ready to use.

And when you are ready to wait for so long for that great tincture – here is the list of the required  ingredients:

  • 2kg of the fresh cranberries (about 8 cups / 800g / 24.2 oz)
  • 2l of spirits (70%) (200 cl)
  • 80og of sugar (as with cranberries: about 8 cups / 800g / 24.2 oz)

Firstly – fresh cranberries should be washed  and frizzed for 24 hours (it is the first time, when you have to wait for the result, while preparing the tincture :) ). In the next step – you should thaw the fruits and masticate them using blender. Drop the fruits to the big jar and pour with 1 liter of spirits. In the next step – we put the mixture in the dark place and wait…. 2 weeks. After that time – just pour the rest of the spirits (1 liter) to the jar and add sugar. Stir everything together and decant through coffee filter. And – this is the next time, when we have to wait for our tincture. And it will be the longest period – minimum six weeks.
And if you will have enough perseverance – the prize will be huge and tasty 😉 But if you will try to shorten the waiting period – you can have problems – and… terrible headache 😉

tincture2. Homemade Limoncello

This is ideal solution for all those who don’t like wait too long for the favourite beverages – tincture from lemons. And how to prepare it? You will need just a few things:

  • 7 huge lemons (most preferably – from organic farming)
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 0,5l of boiled and cooled water
  • 0,5l of spirits (95%)
  • jar that will be big enough for whole the mixture.

So let’s go ahead with limoncello! In the first step parboil the fruits – to remove wax and all the bacteria. Of course – you can skip this step in case of lemons from organic farming. Then – the only thing you should do – is to wash the lemons. Then – cut the endings, bisect and put into the jar. To the separate dish – put sugar, pour with water and stir until the sugar will be dissolved. And in the next step – pour the lemons with that liquor and add the alcohol. After 24 hours of waiting – take out the lemons and squeeze the juice out of them to the tincture. All the mixture decant through coffee filter to the bottles. After the next 24 hours – your lemon tincture is ready! About lemons healing properties – you can read more here.

tinctures3. Starka – tincture from dried fruits

Starka is a traditional dry vodka that is distilled from rye grain. And it was known since XV century. Currently it is produced only in two countries – in Poland and Lithuania.
In the past – it was a practice that when in the family – the son came into the world – his father was obliged to fill the barrel of vodka underground.
And the barrel was waiting for wedding’s day of the son and then it
was unearthed.
Nowadays – you don’t have to look for a special window of opportunity to mix that tincture. And how to prepareyourself for this? You will need a few ingredients:

  • tinctures1kg of dried apples
  • 1kg of dried pears
  • 2 liters of vodka (50%)

Whole procedure is really simple. Clear fruits from stones and slice them. Put into the pot, crock or the keg. In the next step – pour fruits with alcohol and insolate it or just keep it in a sunny, warm place. And after period of 2 weeks – take out the fruits and squeeze them out. After filtering – tincture is ready for drinking. Of course you can funnel the liquid to the bottles and drink it later. What is the most important here – the strongest flavour and taste – will be received after 6 months after bottling. More about history of starka – you can read here.

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