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How To Choose Better Wine To Your Pizza?

Is it possible to choose bad wine? ;)

Nowadays you needn’€™t ponder over what wine will be the best for your pizza. You just go to the shop and buy a random bottle of wine!


r do you have a favorite wine and no matter whether it is Margherita or Quatro formaggi -€“ you always choose that one bottle of wine?

1. Strain matters

But what would you say if I told you that there are some types of wines that are suited to some pizzas and can even enhance the taste of your meal? Let’s find out what Polish sommelier Wieslaw Wysokinski thinks about pairing pizza with wine.

2. Sauvignon Blanc to Margherita

The acidity of tomatoes makes fruity wines, with delicate notes a perfect side order. Let’€™s delve further into the fruity wine catalogue, starting with the white ones. For example Sauvignon Blanc because of citrus aromas. For example Sauvignon Blanc with its citrus aromas. Why not a gentle Merlot? And if we want to choose the red one the best choice is arguably, Pinot Noir.

3. Carmenere to Salame

To the pizza with meat or fish – we could choose either special wine. Spicy pepperoni or Spanish chorizo (but also aromatic mushrooms) is best paired with subtle taste of Carmenere. It is important when pairing wines with spicy and flavorsome toppings to avoid strong, concentrated and also tannic wines.

In those types of dishes – wine should ease the power of the spices and not intensify the taste of the pizza.

4. Riesling to Quatro formaggi

To make quatro formaggi (mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta and parmigiano) more distinct, you should eat it with a glass of Riesling. Thanks to the slight hint of sweetness, fruity notes and acidity of that type of wine – it will complete the taste of the meal.

5. Chardonnay to pizza with Creme sauce

Here – similarly to the Quatro formaggi- pizza with Creme sauce will taste better in the company of white, but also delicate wines. For this type of pizza – buttery Chardonnay with its light character is ideal.

6. Pinot Noir to Al Polo

Pizza with chicken will taste delicious with Pinot Noir. That kind of wine is good also for duck, pork, tuna, salmon and other meaty fish dishes.

7. Prosecco to Frutti di Mare

To Frutti di mare pizza – Wieslaw Wysokinski recommends light, Spanish wines or something that sparkles! That kind of wine will definitely stimulate your appetite (so beware if you’re counting calories) 😉 You will be able to eat far more while drinking the sparkling wines 😉 Italian Prosecco can be highly recommended, airy and refreshing taste. It’s light, elegant and joyful. And what’s probably the most important – it fits any pizza :) And that’s why we like it :)

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