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How To Fight With Cold And Flu

Explore the power of nature

Every year, between autumn and spring – we are exposed to sneezes, sniffles and pain. Meet the natural flu and cold fighters.

Who told you that when you feel the early symptoms of the upcoming disease, you should immediately run to the pharmacy? After reading this article… In case of cold and flu – you will choose rather grocery or greengrocer. And it will be the right place to find the cure for yourself.woman_small Let’s find out, how is this possible.

1. Ginger for cold and flu

The healing properties of root of the ginger are well known since about 2,000 years. What’s interesting, it is used not only in case cold and flu. It is also helpful in treating digestion problems and nausea. Some researches confirm that it can fight headaches and painful menstrual periods. You can drink it in the form of brew or use it to prepare the inhalation.

lemon_small2. Lemon for cold and flu

It is a great source of vitamin C, which helps in keeping the immune system strong and neutralizes the free radicals in the body. Thanks to its properties – lemon reduces the inflammation and swelling. And lemon is also a natural antiseptic, meaning it can deal with dermatological problems and conditions. But preparing hot drinks with lemon, remember to cool down the liquid, before putting lemon into the cup or mug. Hot water (over 60 degrees) kills the healing properties of the lemon.

3. Garlic for cold and flu

garlicWhy the garlic is also known as a superfood? Because of its antiviral properties. The best effects of the therapy can be achieved thanks to one of the sulfur compounds that is formed when a garlic clove is chopped, crushed or even… chewed. It is worth to remember 😉 If you don’t like the taste of garlic – try mix crushed garlic with honey. Firstly – you will improve the taste of the mixture and secondly – you will boost its healing power.

You can never have enough garlic. With enough garlic, you can eat The New York Times.

Morley Safer
Canadian Journalist
Other advantages of eating garlic, that should be mentioned here (to name only few, that seems to be the most important), are: reducing blood pressure, fact that it contains antioxidants – meaning that it can slow the aging processes, help in heavy metals detox diet, improves the bones health. And do you have any doubts, why actually is it called a superfood? 😉 Read more about that powerful veggie.


4. Honey for cold and flu

Some people don’t like the taste or even the smell of honey. And it is huge mistake! It is actually an ancient remedy – not only for cold and flu. It helps in soothing a sore throat (facilitates the coughing up), has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Combined with ginger and lemon – it is the irreplaceable remedy for the first symptoms of the forthcoming disease.

5. Elderberry for cold and flu


It is another method that can help you not only in treatment but also in prevention of diseases. In fact – elderberry extract called Sambucol, is dedicated to fight with flu symptoms. It can’t prevent you from the disease, but it can shorten duration of the treatment – even to 3-4 days.

As you can see – pills are not the only one rescue in disease… Remember that the Mother Nature also has remedies that will help you fight against the flu this season. Don’t hesitate to enjoy these benefits! And if you think that you’re coming down with flu – maybe try to warm yourself up. Here are some tips, how to do that. :)

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