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Lueb Popoff And His Tree Carving

It's never too late to do what you like and love...


Incredible talent of Lueb Popoff was discovered already in his childhood, but many years later he got back to his passion and hobby.

Lueb Popoff lives with his wife, Annie, on a ranch nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains west of Boulder, Colorado. He was born in Boulder in 1960.

When he was eight years old, his third grade teacher sent a note home to his parents encouraging them to send Lueb to the Art Institute in Chicago. He had a gift. For some long forgotten reason, Lueb’s artistic talents were lost among other boyhood interests and activities. And it wasn’t typical, simple life. It was full of twists and interesting events.

To begin with B.A. degree in… Molecular Biology (University of Colorado), cooking career – that started in The Left Bank Restaurant in Vail (two years) and then he worked as Sous Chef at the Flagstaff House. But one day – he saw a chainsaw carving of a bear and a raccoon outside a cafe in Niwot (Colorado) and some time after that – he decided to renew his interest with carving.
In December of 1997 he created his first carving. After three years (2000), he left the cooking world and started Hollow Log Tree Carving and Sculpture with his wife, Annie. Since that time – he’s a very busy person, working in his workshop or or traveling the Front Range carving trees in yards, on golf courses and at public venues.
Here you can find his website and more information about the artist. What do you think about his hobby? 😉

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