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Do you have everything to be perfect in this job?

At the beginning I should admit that this article won’t be about “how to earn 1 billion dollars, being a photographer”. It’s not about what can you GAIN, but rather about where you should START your adventure.

No matter whether you’re already in photography or just getting your feet wet. Read this article to inspire yourself and figure out what’s your point of view on the first steps in this business. And maybe you have different experiences in this topic? Let’s find out :)

So where should I start as photographer?

First of all – you should ask yourself a question: What do I like about being photographer? For example – if you don’t like children – forget about family photo shoots! 😉 At least – at the beginning… It won’t be great experience and you will be tired rather than inspired to improve your skills and enjoy your job. You have to make sure that you will have fun while doing it. Otherwise – you will be quickly bored and your plan will fail.

I still have fun with it!

Sometimes you don’t have to earn lots of money, to have fun with photography. You can be satisfied with your results and it can be the best reward for you. Keep believing, that you are good at what you are doing no matter what others think, dude! Just “stay hungry, stay foolish”, do not rest on your laurels. It can be a huge trap and temptation for you. Just watch out!

A lot of fun, but can it equal money?

When you are good photographer – at least once you should think about doing it for money. Just ask yourself one simple question: Why not? There is nothing wrong in making money, doing the things you love! Until it is legal, moral and doesn’t hurt anyone 😉

I am obsessed with beauty. I want everything to be perfect, and of course it isn’t. And that’s a tough place to be because you’re never satisfied.

Robert Mapplethorpe
American Photographer

Where is my photographic studio?

Taking the first steps as photographer has one significant advantage. You don’t need to have or rent the photographic studio. You can make pictures wherever you are and with the equipment you have. Astonished? firstly you should make certain that it is exactly what you’d like to commit yourself to. When you will have enough skills, desire and money to arrange it – you will do it. But for a start – just maximize your current opportunities. Stay focused and practice.

Almost the end

If you’re still not sure whether photography is for you, you should read this list from It has lots of reasons, why you should though try it 😉

For sure – being photographer can be perfect job or life long career choice. To be the best in it – you really should dive in. No excuses, just hit the ground running. Start right now!

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