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Siri, I Have a Question

Just ask a question...

Siri becomes more and more popular program as it can help you find the answer for many (often) thought-provoking questions. As it turns out – even for these the most awkward questions…

Think about one question that you could ask your relatives or friends. And now – think about the question that you couldn’t ask anyone that you know. And now – think about these the most: absurd, funny, strange, stupid, personal questions… :) Fortunately (?) – nowadays there is a way to receive the answer for all of them, because we have… Siri :)

Intelligent personal assistant

Siri – it is Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. And it was created by Apple Inc. Here you can find more information about the software and its possibilities. You can use it to receive the answer for many questions – not only about data stored in your iPhone. But you can use it in other, more creative and funny (or maybe a little bit freaky) way.

What are the best questions to ask Siri?

Watch the movie for some creative inspirations! 😉 In the comments below – you can put your questions to Siri and the answers that you received. Have fun! :)

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