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The Earth of Contrasts

Discover the spectacular records of the world

We live in the world of contrasts. Most of them – are created directly by people. But in this article we will show you the Earth of contrasts that were designed by the nature itself.

Let’s find out, what are the most spectacular records on our Earth of contrasts.

earth of contrasts
Winter landscape

1. The coldest inhabited place on Earth

Just imagine the place, where boiling water that is poured out directly from the kettle – is freezed in few seconds, even before it will reach down the floor. Or imagine the place, where one breath can kill you and where temperature can fall below -70℃ (-94°F). And what’s more – you should know that in these conditions – people live there in the ordinary way! Oymyakon (Russia) in question is inhabited by about 500 people. That small village is 700 kilometers away from the Russian city – Yakutsk. In 1926 there was recorded the lowest temperature (in the human inhabited area) in the history of the Earth: -71,2℃. And, what can be funny somehow – the name of the village means ‘non-freezing water’. And this is due to the hot geothermal springs that are located nearby. Oymyakon village broke one more record. Exactly here was recorded the highest annual amplitude of temperatures of up to 104℃! And it is worth noticing that the lowest temperature that was recorded on Earth, in the area not inhabited by humans – it is -93,2℃ and that record passes to Antarctic ice sheet. It was registered in August 10, 2010, by the Landsat satelite.

earth of contrasts

2. The hottest inhabited place on Earth

Libya, the city Aziziya. Exactly here in 1922 was recorded the highest temperature in the world – meaning +57,8℃. However, the record is questioned by the International Meteorological Organization. As it found, scientist who measured the temperature, was mistaken by as much as 7℃. How is it possible?
Nowadays the highest recorded temperature is considered measurement from 1913 in the Death Valley, on the American Mojave Desert and it is 56,7℃.

earth of contrasts
Mount Everest as seen from an aircraft from airline company Drukair in Bhutan.

3. The highest place on Earth

The answer is rather obvious and probably there is no person that wouldn’t give the correct answer: Mount Everest. So what is the height of the mountain? It depends on… who answer.
Is considered that the peak of Mount Everest is 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level. However the measurements of Chinese scientists say, that the height is slightly different – and is exactly 8,844 m (29,016 ft) above sea level. American scientists also have their own opinions on that subject. According to their measurements, he peak of Mount Everest is 8,850 m (29,035 ft) above sea level. Anyway – currently the peak of Mount Everest is the highest place on Earth. In the internet we can read that American and Japanese engineers intend to build skyscrapers that go far above…

earth of contrasts
The Bathyscaphe Trieste

4. The deepest inhabited place on Earth

In this case – it is not so easy to indicate the right place. Why? Not everyone has heard about Challenger Deep. That depth is placed in the Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean. What’s interesting, the first sounding was made in 1875, from British corvette HMS “Challenger” (by the way the depression is named after the corvette).How was it accomplished? By using… a very, veeery long weighted sounding rope and the measurement was 4,475 fathoms (about five miles, or 8,184 kilometers). Can you imagine above 8 kilometers of the rope? As if all that weren’€™t enough, the scientist that took part in that research after many years verified that result. And according to new calculations – the rope was about 9,636 meters long. Thanks to the new technologies we know that the deepest place on the Earth is 10,994 meters below sea level. And there were only four naval vessels that were able to reach the bottom of the Deep:

  • Bathyscaphe Trieste with Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh on board,
  • Kaikō – Japanese deep-diving submarine,
  • Nereus – deep sea robot,
  • DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, that was designed exactly to reach the bottom of the Deep, and it was piloted by James Cameron, popular Hollywood director. Here you can find more information about that project.

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