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What Does Lemon Do For Your Body

And why you should appreciate it

Lemons are typical fruits that are usually present in our diet. And we actually use lemon not only to bring out or add specific, acidulous flavour to the meals.

These inconspicuous fruits have many properties that you should be aware of – and for sure – appreciate them. In this article we will give you number of examples – so you will be able to choose the best reasons for you – why you should love lemons!

lemon1. Help treat with cold and flu

As mentioned in this article, lemon juice in conjunction with honey – can help ease the pain in swallowing while you have sore throat. The next advantage of lemon is that it can help you with the fever. The only thing that you have to remember about – is to drink a lemon juice mixture that for sure will bring fever down really faster.

2. Help lose the weight

For some of you – surprising can be a fact that researchers discovered interesting properties of the lemon juice. Meaning – it supports people who would like to slim down. And how is that possible? So lemon juice contains pectin which is soluble fiber and it is helpful in slimming problems. Drinking a mixture of lemon juice and flax seeds can help you lose weight even more quickly. Here you can read more about slimming properties of a superfood like chia.

3. Protect your kidneys

John Milner, a urology expert (at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine) said that lemons are very high in citrates, which inhibit the growth of kidney stones. And that’s why people that are prone for kidney stones – should drink at least one half – cup of lemon juice every day. And it is not about iced tea that you can buy in every grocery and hipermarket. To avoid kidney stones – you should drink lemon juice that is made directly from lemons.

lemon4. Are remedy for… itching

That can be very helpful – especially in summer but you have to remember that it is not good remedy for everyone. People with sensitive skin should use it carefully. And why exactly lemon juice is good for itch? So it contains citric and acetic acids, that have wonderful properties. They are antiseptic and anesthetic. And these acids cause that poison ivy or insect bites are not so oppressive.

5. Have anticancer properties

The studies shows that lemon juice (but also orange juice) can support anticancer therapy. Everything that because citrus fruits contain some cancer-killing nutrients – natural compounds called liminoids. And these compounds protect cells from damage that can contribute to cancer development. All that you have to bear in mind – is that lemons don’t cure cancer – and you cannot predicate anticancer therapy solely on lemon juice.

6. Lemon also… has power to rejuvenate skin and the body

Vitamin C ( present in lemon fruits) contains antioxidants that can be empowered by the water. And in this combination – they fight damage caused by free radicals. Another advantage of vitamin C is that it keeps the body producing collagen which is responsible for reducing wrinkles in the face. And what is also interesting – according to the study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition when you regularly consume vitamin C (in different forms) – you will be able to keep your skin looking young.

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