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What To Drink In Winter? (TOP 5)

If you want to warm up in winter, we will show you what's hot in this season ;)

Low temperatures outside make depressing effect on us and after all – it requires us to drink more hot drinks.

But instead of thinking, how many teas you can drink daily, think of different options! There are many ways to warm up – using hot drinks of course 😉 And we will show you some of our ideas – what to drink in winter.

Hot chocolate

1. Hot chocolate

Its greatest advantages? For sure – it is warm and sweet. But these are not the only one reasons, you should consider hot chocolate as your basic drink in winter :) It contains also serotonin which means that it can boost your good mood! Secondly – scientists report that chocolate can lower the risk of heart diseases. And what can be surprising (!) it… affects the teeth – but in a positive way! The tannins in cocoa can lower acid production and reduce plaque growth. That’s really great news for all the chocolate lovers :)

Hot cocoa

2. Hot cocoa

According to scientific researches – hot cocoa contains almost twice as much antioxidants as the red wine. And what’s interesting – the hottest it is, the more antioxidants it contains. The flavonoids help the organism process nitric oxide, and that’s why hot cocoa can improve blood flow and similarly to the hot chocolate – it can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

Spiced coffee
Spiced coffee

3. Spiced coffee

You can use many spices to prepare your aromatic and warming coffe. But the most popular are here: ginger, cinnamon and cardamon. Ginger has been used to help digestion, but after all – help fight the flu and cold. About cinnamon – antioxidants contained in it – protect the body from oxidative damage caused by the free radicals. It has also anti-inflammatory properties which means that it helps the body fight infections. In the end – cardamon. It can lower blood pressure. It has also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Pure health!

4. Mulled wine

Mulled wine

Regarding to the advantages of drinking mulled wine – we have to remember about few facts. Wine can prevent heart diseases and lower the risk of osteoporosis. Thanks to the antioxidants it can slow down the signs of aging. And it is all about wine. But mulled wine – also means the spices which were used while preparing the wine. And here the only limitation is our imagination. You can use the same spices as for the spiced coffee (above), but you can also use others. To name the most popular: star anise, cloves, orange, lemon and many more.

5. Mulled cider

Spices for mulled cider

Traditional cider means apples and spices. And regarding apples – they can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma and even some forms of cancer. They are also the source of antioxidants and their advantages were described also in this article. Of course you can enhance the taste and properties of the mulled cider, by adding specific spices. Choose your favourite ones, to make your drink unique.
While thinking about beverages for winter time – remember one thing. WHAT will you drink is not so important as WITH WHOM are you going to drink.


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