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White, Green, Red Or Black Tea?

Which tea is the best?

Which tea is the best for you? White, green, red or black tea? Sometimes you like it for its taste and warming power. But maybe there are additional reasons why you should appreciate that beverage? Let’s find out.

Hot beverages have many advantages – no matter if it is about tea, coffee, chocolate or cocoa. And thinking exactly about tea – just to name the most obvious profits – it can warm you up and keep you amused. But you should remember that particular types of teas – have their specific properties that can be very interesting for you.

White, green, red or black tea

1. White tea – advantages

Some of you can dislike white tea because… even if it was brewed for a longer period – it always looks like it needs still some time to be ready… Probably all of you know that feeling 😉 But – does white tea have any advantages (of course except that it can help you train your patience)? And now: May I have your attention please? IT HAS PLENTY OF ADVANTAGES! First of all – it can reduce risk of cancer. The next one is that it can improve oral health – so it will be good to drink it at least from time to time. What’s more – it has antioxidative and anti-aging properties which means that drinking it – you can maintain good health and your skin in good condition.

2. Green tea – for whom?

And what about green tea? Some people used to say that there is no healthier beverage than the green tea. Why is that? So – both white and green teas contain antioxidants which means they can help us maintain better health and pretty skin and also improve oral health. It can sounds little bit strange for some of you but green tea also contains compounds that… can make us smarter! :) Yes, that’s right.
And everything that because of… caffeine! Thanks to the researchers we know that exactly that substance is responsible for improving many aspects of brain functions. And what functions in particular? To start with – better mood, improved vigilance, reaction time and memory.
Good news also for those who are counting calories 😉 Green tea can help you lose weight and it is possible because that kind of tea can boost the metabolism. So many reasons to like green tea :)

3. Red tea – properties

White, green, red or black teaIt is called also rooibos, that originates from African and means exactly: “red bush”. Probably if it wasn’t a beverage, it would be called a super food :) And everything that because of many benefits that come with the red tea. Rooibos is rich in many mineral contents such as: iron (Fe), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), magnesium (Mg). And it has also strong antioxidative properties – and that’s why it is good for our skin,bones and teeth. It can also boost the immune system and protect body against all types of diseases – just like… garlic :)
Because rooibos is caffeine-free, therefore it is recommended in insomnia. Drinking one cup before going to bed can help improve your sleep. Hence it can be also good beverage for all the people that fight with stress, bad mood and have heart problems. That’s why it is heavily recommended for people with hypertension (high blood pressure).

4. Benefits of the black tea

What is interesting – the black tea is a kind of mix of all the above mentioned teas (regarding to its properties). Everything that because it contains polyphenols (which are antioxidants and some researches also show that they can have anti-cancer properties). Black tea also helps keep bones and teeth in good conditions. The next benefit is that it can help relax and boost the concentration. As if all that weren’t enough – it can also improve the immune system – what is good for our health in general.

5. So which tea is the best?

As you can see – any type of tea you will chose – you will be able to achieve different benefits from them. The most important here is probably to chose only high quality products. Because only in this way you can be sure that your beverage will give you everything what’s the most valuable in it.

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