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What To Do From Wine Corks – Inspirations (TOP 3)

Excellent idea for DIY

No matter if you are a wine lover or maybe just have at home a couple of wine corks – such kind of a reminder after last night party. Now you can do some funny stuff from them. Just find out!

In the internet you can find plenty of ideas what you can do – practically with everything that you can find around yourself. The same with the wine corks. If there is still wine in the bottle – you can use it to close the bottle. But when the wine is over – you can use wine corks in more… creative way :)

1. Christmas decorations

There is still a little bit of time available to the December so maybe it will be a good idea to start collecting wine corks just right now? 😉


2. Small gadgets

Here not so much wine is needed – and for sure less effort and time will be required to create such beauties 😉

3. A little bit bigger gadgets

These ideas are dedicated to wine passionates or restaurant owners rather than to occasional wine drinkers. And of course – not because the occasional wine drinkers are less talented :) It will take some time to collect such amount of wine corks to create them. But the end result – is really stunning.

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